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Marijuana Insurance Are you wondering whether your business qualifies for medical marijuana insurance coverage? Our team will provide you with the proper guidance towards choosing the right plan to secure your medical marijuana dispensary, grower's crop, or doctors office. MarijuanaInsurance.com has worked with leading isnurance companies to provide an extensive range of quotes specific to the medical marijuana industry. Feel relieved, knowing that your business is properly insured so that you can continue to grow and help qualified patients in need.

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Crop Insurance As a grower or a collective garden, your harvest is your livelihood. Take the right steps to insure your living crop, harvested plant material and stock of finished medical marijuana. As a business owner, you will have the option to select your coverage based on your needs. We will advise you as the the basic requirements to become eligible for medical marijuana insurance coverage so that you are in full compliance with the standards of Marijuana Insurance policies. Protect your inventory of medical marijuana and the well-being of your patients.

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Protect Your Dispensary! The cost of medical marijuana insurance is now available and more affordable than ever before! As a business owner, you have the ability to apply for general liability insurance, property insurance and even coverage of your inventory of medicinal cannabis.  As a dispensary or collective, your may be eligibile to protect your business income and additional operational expenses. As a vendor of medical marijuana products, you can also utilize a specialized plan created specifically for cannabis-infused products and and medicating devices such as vaporizers.

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Protect Your Medical Practice! As a physician or director of a medical practice, you have invested not only money, but years of education and training to establish yourself in the medical field. Most standard insurance carriers do not provide coverage for activities related to medical marijuana. Protect yourself and your practice against malpractice claims related to alternative medicine and therapies such as medical cannabis. Our policies are designed to protect compassionate physicians who are willing to provide medical cannabis evaluations and issue recommendations.

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Medical Marijuana Insurance FAQ's

  • What Do I Need To Get Insured?

Google Earth Images to show the accurate location of each and every crop site for which you require cover. Such images will show precise latitude and longitudes that we shall in our turn map and enter into our models.

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  • What is a Weather Peril?

Underwriters prefer to provide cover for the specific weather perils beyond the normal control of management. Damage from specified perils can normally be measured immediately after the specified loss event has occurred.

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  • How Do I Justify My Crop Cost?

Crop Value Is justified through several channels. It is important that complete details are given of all crop husbandry operations and crop facilities in order that underwriters can asses the extent to which potential risks are minimized.

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  • Can I Insure My Grower?

Growers Insurance comes included in this review. In fact it is normal practice for the insurer to indemnify the grower for the costs of establishment and maintenance of the crop up to the point of any loss event rather than the expected yield or profits.

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From day one I have never regretted choosing such a great service - 5 star quality with everything.

- John Smith, JS & Co LLC.

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